Show Off Your Best Possible Smile

When you have guests at your home, you want everything to looks its very best. That's what hospitality is all about. When it comes to your cosmetic dentistrysmile, you also desire optimal functioning and appearance because your smile speaks to who you are inside. Dr. Tamara Simons of Roseville Dentistry provides her Roseville, MN, area patients wonderful cosmetic dentistry options to enhance their teeth and gums. Learn here about what she could do for you.

The smile makeover begins

Surely, you have smile goals in mind: improve tooth color, fill some small gaps, straighten obvious misalignments. However, you haven't a clue how to accomplish them all.

That's where the professional team at Roseville Dentistry comes in. Dr. Simons keeps up to date on the latest in cosmetic dentistry. She listens carefully to her patients--just what a good dentist should do, says the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Then, she presents solutions to those persistent aesthetic problems. Here are some of the services she uses--either singly or in combination--to deliver outstanding smiles.

Professional teeth whitening This popular service bleaches enamel stains caused by darkly pigmented foods and beverages, smoking, simple wear and tear and even some prescriptions. Your dentist offers both in-office and at-home options which safely brighten tooth color using concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel. The change is just amazing.

Contouring Dr. Simons uses sculpting tools to resurface mildly crowded, gapped or chipped teeth. Taking only one short appointment at Roseville Dentistry, contouring is a permanent refurbishment that works well on healthy teeth with minor flaws.

Composite resin bonding uses a blend of glass particles and acrylic to fill gaps, cracks and other defects. Applied in layers, this tooth-colored material is hardened to a durable finish with a special light and then highly polished.

Porcelain veneers Dr. Simons designs thin shells of fine ceramic to cover the front of healthy teeth marred by dark stains, fractures, chips and spacing problems. Veneers are permanent and require enamel resurfacing to ensure proper bond, fit and bite. Installed in the "smile zone" at the front of the mouth, veneers are a beautiful and conservative alternative to porcelain crowns.

Orthodontics At Roseville Dentistry, crooked smiles are straightened and enhanced with premiere orthodontic choices--either metal or ceramic brackets and arch wires or fully removable invisible aligners. Both services improve oral health and function and render a smile that's attractive, too.

What are your smile goals?

Achieve them with a smile makeover from Roseville Dentistry. Dr. Simons works with the simplest to the most complex of cases, and she'd be honored to help you. Call today for an appointment, won't you?