By Tamara Simons, DDS
October 12, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures
Tags: dentures  

Mouth DentureChoosing the right type of dentures for is the key to a successful denture experience. Roseville, MN, dentist Dr. Tamara Simons helps her patients consider the options and select the best restoration option for them.

Full dentures

Full dentures replace all of the teeth in your upper or lower jaw. They consist of a row of artificial teeth mounted in a pink base that resembles gum tissue. The dentures improve your appearance, reduce facial sagging and make chewing easy. You'll receive the dentures after your mouth has healed from extractions.

Immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are a type of full dentures placed in your mouth as soon as your teeth are pulled in your Roseville, MN, dentist's office. They reduce bleeding and ensure that you never have to go toothless. When you receive your dentures immediately, it can be easier to adjust to denture wear. Speaking and chewing may also be more comfortable. Immediate dentures must eventually be replaced with full dentures or relined to accommodate normal changes in your gums that occur after tooth loss.


Overdentures fit over remnants of broken or eroded teeth. Although the teeth may not useful for chewing, keeping them in your mouth serves an important purpose. The roots of the teeth stimulate your jawbone and help keep it strong.

Implant-supported dentures

Implant-supported dentures, the newest denture option, offer impressive comfort and biting power. They're attached to dental implants placed in your jawbone. Over the course of three to six months, the implants bond to your jawbone. When bonding is complete, your dentures can be attached directly to the implants or to a metal framework. You'll need as few as four implants to anchor an upper or lower denture.

Removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures are a good choice if you've lost several teeth in a row. The dentures can be removed easily for cleaning and hook over your natural teeth with special connectors.

Fixed partial dentures

Also known as bridges, fixed partial dentures aren't removable. They consist of one or more artificial teeth connected to two or more crowns. The crowns fit over your teeth and hold the denture firmly in place. Fixed partial dentures are an excellent choice if you want a more permanent replacement option. Although you'll want to floss carefully around the base of the bridge, the restoration doesn't require special care.

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